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Mountain Men Pagosa Springs is here to serve you!

Sevices Offered

We provide a broad range of emergency and property management services

What is Disaster Restoration?

Mountain Men is a full disaster mitigation company. From your crawl space to your attic we specialize in identifying and remediating issues that could cause structural or aesthetic damages. In our trade potential health issues and concerns are of the upmost priority. From mold to odor we understand both the industry standard, and common discomfort associated with these issues. Mountain Men is licensed in Fire and Smoke additionally and is here to help from a small kitchen fire to a whole home fire. Our goal is to communicate and know both the desires and concerns of our clients and apply our knowledge from our industry training to bring a complete fix to issues both big and small.

Property Managment.

What makes us your concierge? Mountain Men Pagosa Springs Pagosa Springs looks at your home in a different manner due to our extensive licensing and experience. We don't just walk in and walk out a few minutes later. Our goal is ensuring that your home is taken care of at a level that brings you comfort and security in you absence. From the temperature of you home to the condition of your crawl space, we are here helping protect you and your investment. Every home will have their light bulbs and smoke alarms checked, water heater adjusted for proper energy-saving and fully set to be inhabited to your liking on your return. With options from care-taking and vacation rental management to renovation oversight and commercial property management, we will tailor a fully customized management plan to your personal home and needs.

Fire Restoration.

Fire is one of the most damaging occurrences we deal with in our industry! Both seen and unseen effects can have equally damaging aftermath. In the event of a fire you can rely on the training, experience, and equipment that we have to serve you in the restoration process. We have what your project needs to bring a complete resolve to your fire loss needs. From the demo, to the partnering companies for damaged contents, and the remodel Mountain Men is here for you in the case of a fire at your home.

Smoke and Odor Abatement.

In our world odors are growing more and more common. Pets, smoke, critters, dust, allergens, and other odor causing things are floating around. Mountain Men has taken the time to understand the different challenges in our climate and area. Our equipment is top notch! We can simply clean your ducts or use or HEPA machines and Ozone machines to break down and clean the air. From dust to the smallest microns we have you covered. Call today for an evaluation and estimate.

Water Mitigation.

Mountain Men are here to serve our community in the event of water loss. When a client gets a call from PAWS with a continual water usage alert, walks into a flooded second home, or has a pipe burst in the middle of winter, Mountain Men can be your first call! We are certified in both water extraction and drying so you can have the peace of mind that your loss will be covered in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our equipment is designed to read both affected and unaffected areas to ensure that your property is brought back to a normal standard before we are completed with the water loss process. We are here to help inside and out. Our company is equipped to service your water loss needs.

Advanced Stuctural Drying.

Many companies look to tear out first and then fix, but with our advanced equipment and degree we look to accomplish these same tasks with effciency and cost effectiveness in mind. From wood floors and tile to cavity drying, let Mountain Men Pagosa Springs help you decide what can be salvaged what needs to be replaced. As the clock ticks after a water damage incident, minutes and hours are critical. The structural components and building materials of a house are increasingly compromised as water migrates deeper and secondary consequences such as toxic mold growth become more widespread.

Mold Growth.

The common misconception that we live in a high desert environment and do not have the humidity levels to have mold issues is wrong! From crawlspaces to attics, new construction to older homes no one is exempt. Our four seasons create different challenges throughout the year and Mountain Men is here to support you from simple advise and examination to structural decay of support beams our equipment and training are the most up to date to ensure that your home and your health are protected to the best of our abilities. Mold is one of the most misunderstood things that the average person has to deal with. Both our knowledge and experience are here to serve our community in this area.

House Fires

House Fires

When a fire happens in your home, it is one of the most frightening experiences of your life. Our goal is to help you through the restoration process.

Finance Assistance

Flood Damage

Water in your home can be damaging, not just to your home, but also to your belongings inside. Our team is available for emergency water-removal and drying.

Interiorly Designed

Storm Damage

Storms can happen at any time. Our skilled team will respond to your site to contain and remove damaging elements and prepare for the restoration process.

Cost Effective Solutions

Natural Disasters

Disaster of catastrophic proportion provide a challenge as an entire geographic area is under siege at the same time. Our team is there to help you rebuild and get life back to normal as soon as possible.

Smart Builders

Smoke Cleanup

As destructive as a fire is, the worst damage can be done by the smoke. Our team of certified cleaning professionals specialize in the removal of all traces of odor from smoke and soot.

Quality Infrastructure

Snow Damage

Winter damage can occur at any time here in Pagosa Springs. The impacts of winter weather can cause many issues we are not prepared for. With our team you can be safe hands when winter weather hits.